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The European Legal Forum - Contents 2000/2001

Issue 8, Nov./Dec. 2001 (.pdf file)

Issue 7, Sept./Oct. 2001 (.pdf file)

Issue 6, July/August 2001 (.pdf file)

Issue 5, May/June 2001 (.pdf file)

Issue 4, March/April 2001 (.pdf file)

Issue 3, Jan./Feb. 2001 (.pdf file)

Issue 2, Nov./Dec. 2000/2001 (.pdf file)

Issue 1, Sept./Oct. 2000/2001 (.pdf file)



The European Legal Forum

The European
Legal Forum

Our bi-monthly law journal specialising in the field of International and European Law with a special focus on European International Private Law and European Civil Procedure.

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Commentary on Regulation "Brussels I"

By a team of renowned international authors
Language editions in German, French, and Italian, further editions to come
Over 3,200 cited cases from all over Europe
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