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The European Legal Forum - Legal Fields

The European Legal Forum reports regularly on the developments in the various areas of the European ius commune.

The following overview lists the range of subjects and disciplines covered.

Not all subjects can be covered in every issue. However, current topics of special interest in legal fields in which the process of European harmonisation of laws is at an advanced stage of development are dealt with as they arise.

The European Legal Forum endeavours to grant appropriate attention to all of the legal fields listed in the overview, according to their significance in the development of the European ius commune.

1. Private International Law and International Civil Procedure

2. International and European Commercial and Company Law

3. International and European Business and Competition Law

4. International and European Intellectual Property Law

5. European Consumer Law

6. International and European Labour Law

7. Law of the European Organisations

8. The European Legal Profession

9. Information on Current Issues

A detailed list of our subject areas can be found here (.pdf file).



The European Legal Forum

The European
Legal Forum

Our bi-monthly law journal specialising in the field of International and European Law with a special focus on European International Private Law and European Civil Procedure.

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